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Pandava Caves - Rivona, Goa - 1

          Our next destination after Kurdi was Rivona, which served as a home to the Pandavas during their exile. We imagined the Rivona Pandava caves to be similar to the Arvalem Pandava caves. Though we reached Rivona with least difficulty, it was rather tricky to locate the Pandava caves. We inquired about the same to a few locals and got mixed answers which helped us the least and confused us more. Finally, we picked a house and on asking them, we found that they were familiar to the place and requested them to guide us to the cave. We had the company of two kids who lead us to our destination.
Pandava Cave
          The cave is believed to have been associated with the Pandavas of  Mahabharata (epic), though the historians date the cave back to the 6th century and believe it could be of Buddhist origin. The cave is simple with only a Peeta (Seat) like structure inside. It is said that the Buddhist gurus sat on this Peeta, meditated  and preached  principles of Buddhism to their disciples .There are steps by the side of the cave leading to a water pond.
Cave Entrance
Natural Cave

Cave... First Look
Rock cut Steps
Water Pond 
    To be continued ................

Buddhist Chaityalaya , Aihole

        'Aihole'  was a centre for Buddhism and Jainism even before the Chalukyas ruled this place. There are two cave temples in this region dedicated to Buddha and Mahavira. We were unable to  visit the latter due to time constraint. We visited the Buddhist Chaityalaya (temple), situated on Megutigudda .
    This cave temple is unique  in the sense that it is partly built and the remaining elected in the rock. This temple belongs to 5 th century AD. It is a two storeyed structure and the pillars are quite simple. There is a small cave near the temple having  inscriptions in Kannada.
Well Laid Steps
Final Climb
Buddhist Chaityalaya
Door Frame
Empty Garbhagriha
View of Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple Complex
To be continued