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An Adventure Called Jatinga Rameshwara Part - 3

After witnessing the Asokanedicts, temple complex and the rock inscriptions, it was time now for us to hunt for evidence of pre-historic period.  According to the book ‘Bramhagiri’ by Dr. S.Y. Somashekar, a variety of cave paintings were discovered in this place by A. Sundar and his team during their work in A.D 1978. One such group of cave paintings according to the book is found on a group of rocks known as “Nagarapade” (meaning hood of a snake), located just behind temple complex. Though we were able to locate this group of rocks and the inscriptions, we were unable to spot any cave paintings. We scanned all the rocks of this group, its neighboring rocks and surroundings, but our efforts were of no avail, except for sighting a few wild geckos!
Wild Geckos
Butter Ball

Fort Walls

  As time was ticking and we had to visit other sites, we were in a dilemma whether to search the other side of the hill or proceed towards our next destination. We gave ourselves a little more time in order to continue our search for the cave paintings.  We scanned the area around ‘Nagarapade’ again and later moved towards the Dodda betta (Big hill).  As we walked a little further, we found a small structure similar to a dolmen, but without the cap stone. Suddenly, a fast hopping hare crossed our path and vanished in a split second giving us no chance of capturing it.
Dolmen like Structure
Dodd Betta (Big Hill)
Shelter with Some Sculpture 
Small Ruined Temple

     Further down were a few ruined structures. A pair of painted spur fowl caught our attention and we moved slowly towards them. Being shy in nature and feeling their romance being disturbed, the birds quickly took shelter under the rocks so that they could continue their activity. We proceeded further without disturbing them. Walking on, we found steps that led us down, from where the bird’s eye view was mesmerizing. We checked the time and thought it would be too late for us to venture further and returned.  
Spur Fowl Running
Bird's Eye View

   We were in a state of sadness for not having found any paintings until what we saw on one of the rocks midway gave us a ray of hope.   

Winged Jewel : Hoopoe

   The  Common Hoopoe  is a colorful and distinctive bird known for its fan-like crest . The bird derives its name from its soft "poop! poop!" cry and can be seen singly or in pairs, often around human inhabitation and feeds by digging in the ground .
Crest Open

Winged Jewel : Black Winged Stilt

 "Black Winged Stilt" (Wiki) is one of our favourite birds because of its long  pink legs. This bird is usually found near water bodies. Though it has a reputation of being shy, this time it seemed very friendly and gave us an opportunity to captures its various moods. 
Meal Time
Its Walky time after the meal!
The above picture was shot near Rushikulya beach ,Orissa. The beach is known for its mass nesting of Olive Ridley Turtles during January - March.
Identification Guide : A field Guide to the Birds of India, by Krys Kazmierczak   
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Winged Jewel : Ashy Crowned Lark

       Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark  (wiki) is a common bird found in stone areas with sparse scrub, dry cultivation, sandy riverbeds and dry tidal mudflats. Though we have spotted this bird many a times, this trip gave us an opportunity to photograph the bird. Below are some captures of the lark's photo shoot!

Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark (Male)

Handsome! Ain't I?

  This bird was spotted near Devaragudda , Haveri district.

Identification Guide : A field Guide to the Birds of India, by Krys Kazmierczak  

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Waterfalls of Sirsi, Karnataka

Gudavi Bird Sanctuary, Shimoga
Welcome to Gudavi Bird Sanctuary
This probably was a better way to celebrate our Independence Day. We planned to visit the waterfalls of Sirsi. We left Bangalore on Friday night around 10:30pm. The route we drove was from Bangalore- Tumkur - Arsikere - Shimoga - Shikaripur - Gudavi Bird Sanctuary. Gudavi Bird Sanctuary (Bird lover's Paradise) : This is a good place for a bird-watcher. There are variety of birds here, which will quite impress the visitors. It is not only the birds but the serenity of the place is also very relaxing.
Cormorant Bird at Gudavi Bird Sanctuary, Shimoga
Cormorant Bird at Gudavi Bird Sanctuary, Shimoga
Eurasian Spoonbill at Gudavi Bird Sanctuary Shimoga
Eurasian Spoonbill
Malabar Grey Hornbill at Gudavi Bird Sanctuary Shimoga
Malabar Grey Hornbill
Birds of Gudavi Bird Sanctuary, Shimoga
It's Birds Everywhere
Birds of Gudavi Bird Sanctuary, Shimoga
Southern Birdwing Butterfly (State Butterfly of Karnataka)
Southern Birdwing Butterfly (State Butterfly of Karnataka)
After Spending some good time with the birds, we moved towards Sirsi and headed towards Unchalli falls, located about 34 km from Sirsi, on the Kumta road . This is a Perennial falls, about 380 feet in height . The waterfalls is created by the river  Aghanashini. Since the waterfalls was in full force, we could hardly see the falls . We had to walk down for about  a kilometer  to reach the waterfalls .We had to wait for some time to get the full view. There is also a way down  to reach  the base of the waterfalls ,but we were warned  since the place was slippery and full of leeches.
Places to Visit in Uttara Kannada
Welcome to Unchalli Falls
Unchalli waterfalls, Sirsi, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka
Misty Unchalli Waterfalls
Waterfalls of Karnataka
Mighty and Powerful
Unchalli Waterfalls, India's best waterfalls
Unchalli Waterfalls

Continued here..

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