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MP Diaries - Vultures of Orchha, One of the very few Vulture Sanctuaries in India

Indian Vultures Perched on Chaturbhuj Temple, Orchha
Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1994 along the river Betwa with the main objective of conserving the critically endangered species of Vultures. Vultures are listed as critically endangered in the International Union for Conversation of Nature (IUCN) Red List and Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.  Sadly, the vulture population declined in the 1990's due to unregulated use of the toxic diclofenac in cattle.  As per vulture census conducted here in the year 2013, 125 vultures have been found belonging to 4 different species. While having a casual interaction with one of the forest guards here, we were informed that the current estimate of vultures is close to about 400 and is definitely showing an upward trend with every passing year, which is good news! While the task of working towards increasing vulture population remains challenging owing to its slow breeding rate (a female vulture lays a single egg per every breeding season), it is worthwhile noticing that much awareness is being spread around this region about the importance of vultures and their role played in balancing the environment. Bundelkhand region has many breeding sites where vultures have found a safe home for themselves. There are a few sanctuaries across India for protection and conservation of vultures, one such is found in the Ramanagar district of Karnataka.
Hey There! What's Up??
Alright...I  Know I'm Handsome!
How Many Pictures Are You Taking My Friend!?
Hoping This Is The Last One!
Enough is Enough!

More details on Orchha in the next post.

MP Diaries - Peacocks of Padhavali and Bateshwar, The Nation's Pride

Here He Comes, The Handsome!
Match My Colors 
Please Mind Your Business 
Filled With Pride 
Touching the Runway 
All Directions are Guarded 
Kids see Left, Obedient Kids are seeing Right  

Read about to Bateshwar

Apsarakonda Falls and Caves

 Nestled on the edge of a hill and lined by a beautiful beach, this serene waterfall lies hidden amidst thick vegetation in Honnavar taluk of Uttara Kannada district. As we had halted in Honnavar one night, we decided to visit Apsarakonda the next morning. We left early in the morning thinking that the place may get crowded with people and also since early mornings are a good time to sight birds. 'Apsarakonda' means 'Pond of an Angel'.
Ready To Fall
After parking our vehicle, we walked up to reach the park entrance. There were no directions to the waterfall anywhere initially at the park and also since there was nobody to give us any information, we just walked ahead hoping to sight a sign board somewhere along. There were steps that lead us to a beautifully developed park though there were no signs of any waterfall yet. Luckily, the birds at the park kept us busy for quite sometime as the day started to get warmer.  Finding a way out of the park, we reached a point from where there was a way down and another way up! While my partner chose to rest at that point, I decided to go down and check the way out. A few minutes down, I reached a temple from where I could also hear the sound of the waterfall. Excited! I was. Walking a little further , I saw a few steps that led to the waterfall. Quickly backtracking,  I called for my partner who joined me mid-way and both of us reached the waterfall. Equally amazed on seeing such a beauty, we eagerly jumped into the waters and enjoyed the touch of those waters. It was calm and cool with just the nature and us. 
Seat Decorated With Sea Shells 
Steps To Bliss
Pond of  An Angel
Apsarakonda Falls
Hereon, we went on to explore the Pandava caves. We found two such caves, small in size, and guessed there would be many more.
Pandava Caves
Apsarakonda Beach
Paddy Fields
Monsoon Blossom 

Break Fast Time

Winged Jewel : A Cute Family

Male Purple Sunbird
Female Purple Sunbird
The Cutest member of this Family
Juvenile Purple Sunbird 

Malnad Monsoon Magic -V , T Abbi Waterfalls

    After a sumptuous lunch at a small hotel in a remote area, we enquired about the places to visit around, especially of any waterfalls since it was raining cats and dogs and what a wonder it would be to see a waterfall at this time. The hotelier was more than happy to give us details about a few places to visit around. We collected the necessary information and were ready to explore them, one by one. The closest was the T A falls, a small non-descript falls. In no time we were at the entry point, from where a trek downwards leads us to the falls. The initial stretch had a jeep track route thru the tall woods and a few trees on either side had at least about ten varieties of birds that gave us a good company and kept us busy for some time and we never felt like moving an inch from this spot!  But we had to move on and head towards the falls. We had no idea about this falls and only thought of it to be a small falls. As we trekked further, the path turned narrower and with a few fallen trees obstructing the path, we had to jump over them quite often, and doing so we reached a Y fork intersection soon. We had to walk quickly without thinking much about which route to take, since our friends (leeches) had already started their trek on us! We just could not stop by even to get rid of them as the floor was totally covered with leaves and leeches hidden in them. We quickly took to the right side of the fork and within a few minutes reached the stream of water and realized we were on the top of waterfalls and had no chance of getting closer to falls in order to view it from the top. We   headed back to the Y fork and now took to the left side of the fork and sighted a very narrow foot-route which took us closer to the waterfalls. Following the path of the water flow, we descended downwards slowly and safely, crossing a few slippery rocks. We reached a point from where the view was almost complete. The waterfall was magnificent and fell ferociously from a height of about 50 ft in two tiers. The gushing force of the water was such a pleasure to watch and we spent a good amount of time admiring the waterfall. 

In the Woods
Getting Denser

Up Stream

Over the Waterfalls
T Abbi Falls

Top Tier
Second Tier
Down Stream